In my 1st Blab, Social Media Coach, Blogger, and Host of the TwitterSmarter Podcast, Madalyn Sklar joins me to talk social media 101. 

NOTE: All Audio is taken from Blab

Show Notes

-- Social Quant - A Twitter growth tool
-- Hootsuite - Social Media management tool
-- #Scriptchat - Twitterchat dedicated to film writing
-- #TVWritersChat - Twitterchat dedicated to TV writing
-- Top Hashtags - Site which lists popular hashtags



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Episode 87 - Brad Wilke

December 5, 2015
Brad Wilke is the screenwriter of Camel Spiders and PiranhacondaBrad holds an MBA from the University of Washington's Foster School of Business as well as a Master of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington's Department of Communication.  He's the Co-Founder of Smarthouse Creative, a company that designs and executes digital and social media strategies for films and filmmakers

We talk about how to build an audience for your project, how to network (hint it's not spamming people), and working with the legendary Roger Corman

Pre Show Notes
-- Join the Blab with Madalyn Sklar and I on Thursday Dec 10th at 8 PM EDT as we talk film marketing
-- Dave Bullis Podcast T-Shirt Contest - To enter just give the iTunes a rating and send me the review.
-- How to Podcast 2015 - Kindle

Show Notes
-- Amira and Sam via Drafthouse Films
-- Jim Wynorski - Film Director 
-- Tagboard - A social media tool to track hashtags
-- The Clock by Christian Marclay
-- 13 Chambers - 13 Female Directors to make Site-Specific Horror Films
-- The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday 
Social Media Tips & Tricks
(These are supplementary links to help you build your social media)
-- What is the cost of Social Media? via Social Media Today

Brad Wilke
Smarthouse Creative

Episode 86 - Bob Woolsey and Darren Borrowman (How to Make an Independent Film)

November 28, 2015
Bob Woolsey and Darren Borrowman have been collaborators through their company Borrowtime productions for nearly a decade now. They're now launching Borrowtime's first feature film, "Do Something with Your Life", on the self-distribution platform VHX where you can buy or rent the film along with a plethora of bonus content including the 90 minute "Anatomy of a Movie" that breaks down the process of producing your first feature film on a shoestring budget. 

Pre Show
-- Dave Bullis Podcast T- Shirt contest. Rate and review the show on iTunes, send me the link, and you'll be entered into the raffle. Contest ends December 31st, 2015. 
Show Notes
-- Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu - Dave traveled to Canada to train him years ago
Peter D Marshall episode of my Podcast
-- Robert Rodriguez, 'Rebel without a Crew' book
-- Indiegogo - Crowdfunding platform
-- Yagers Bar - A bar in Vancouver, BC where BorrowTime has shot some of their films 
-- Charlotte's Song - First Official Trailer
Bob Woolsey
Darren Borrowman

Episode 85 - Jason Love

November 23, 2015
Jason Love is an animator, web designer, balloon twister, magician, writer, artist, and educator. He has self-published comics, produced short films, owned a screen printing business, and even performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

Pre Show Notes

-- This episode is brought to you by HorrorPack - (A monthly Horror movie subscription box. Sign up and each month you'll receive either 4 Blu Rays or DVD's). 
-- Crowdfunding Shout out to Montana Redsky's campaign for her mobile classroom.
-- My interview on Scott McMahon's, Film Trooper Podcast. 

Show Notes
-- Grindhouse (Rodriguez & Tarantino, 2010) 
-- Robert Rodriguez's 10 Minute Film School - Planet Terror - How he made all of the effects and stunts in the film via Youtube
-- Hilary's Adventures in Politics - A Stop Motion video video by Jason 
-- Learn to Animate - Kickstarter (Completed earlier this year)

Episode 84 - Matt Workman

November 15, 2015
Matt Workman is a Boston based Cinematographer. He's the founder of Cinematography Database, a company and blog that focuses on modern cinematography. On December 2nd, 2015 he'll be launching his own podcast, The Modern Cinematographer Podcast

Show Notes
-- HorrorPack - (A monthly Horror movie subscription box. Each month you receive 4 Blu Rays or DVD's). 
-- 'Fiercely Loyal' by Dov Baron - A great book about leadership, management, and inspiring loyalty
-- Josh Trank - Director of Chronicle & Fantastic Four
-- B & H - is the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States. 
-- Kinefinity  - Chinese made camera capable of shooting 6k. Retails for $10K. 
-- Stan Winston School - Legendary special effects school
-- Mad Max: Fury Road - Feature Film (Miller, 2015) 
-- Autodesk Maya - 3D animation software


Matt Workman

Episode 83 - Jason Buff

November 8, 2015

Jason Buff is the mastermind behind Indie Film Academy and the upcoming 2 day seminar, 'Secrets to Selling Your First Film' on Nov 17th & 18th, 2015. 

Show Notes
-- Horror Pack (A monthly Horror movie subscription box. Each month you receive 4 Blu Rays or DVD's). 
-- Wes Anderson (Academy award winning director/screenwriter) 
-- Alex Dinelaris (Academy award winning screenwriter who appeared on the podcast previously on EP 27)
-- John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur. One of the most successful podcasters ever) 
-- Podcast Cruise (A 6 day cruise centered all around podcasting)
-- Tim Ferriss (Creator of the 4 Hour Work week & hosts a popular podcast). 
-- Scott McMahon (Creator of Film Trooper - a popular filmmaking site & podcast)
-- Script Notes (The most popular film/screenwriting centric podcast on iTunes) 
-- Army of Frankenstein's (2014 American science fiction horror film written and directed by Ryan Bellgardt.)
-- Shark Tank pitch, 'Track Days' (A movie pitch considered to be one of the worst projects ever on the show)
-- Everything is Sales (Everything in life relates to sales)
-- 1,000 True Fans (Building a support group of 1,000 loyal, true fans)
-- Pilot V7 pen (Dave's favorite pen to write with)
-- Blackwing 602 (A discontinued model of pencil that has developed a cult following as "the best pencil ever made.")

Jason Buff

Dave Bullis

Episode 82 - Leo Fong

November 1, 2015
Leo Fong is a Kung Fu grandmaster, Methodist Minister, Fitness Coach, and Filmmaker. Leo's film career 
has spanned over forty years. He was also a sparring partner and student of the legendary Bruce Lee. 

Show Notes
Leo Fong

Episode 81 - Robyn Paris

October 22, 2015

Episode 80 - Pilar Alessandra

October 18, 2015
Pilar Alessandra is the director of the popular writing program “On The Page” and author of “The Coffee Break Screenwriter.” A sought-after teacher and lecturer, she’s traveled the world teaching screenwriting, pitching, and story analysis. She also hosts her own podcast, "On the Page'. 

Show Notes


Pilar Alessandra 

Episode 79 - Steve Kaplan

October 11, 2015
Steve Kaplan has been the industry’s most sought-after expert on comedy. In addition to having taught at UCLA,
NYU, Yale and other top universities, Steve Kaplan created the HBO Workspace, the HBO New Writers Program and was co-founder and Artistic Director of Manhattan Punch Line Theatre. He regularly serves as a consultant and script doctor to such companies as Dreamworks, Disney, HBO, Paramount,Touchstone, and others. In 2013, Steve published the book, "The Hidden Tools of Comedy" 

Show Notes

Steve Kaplan
-- Official Site
-- Twitter