November 15, 2015 Episode 84 - Matt Workman

Matt Workman is a Boston based Cinematographer. He's the founder of Cinematography Database, a company and blog that focuses on modern cinematography. On December 2nd, 2015 he'll be launching his own podcast, The Modern Cinematographer Podcast

Show Notes
-- HorrorPack - (A monthly Horror movie subscription box. Each month you receive 4 Blu Rays or DVD's). 
-- 'Fiercely Loyal' by Dov Baron - A great book about leadership, management, and inspiring loyalty
-- Josh Trank - Director of Chronicle & Fantastic Four
-- B & H - is the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States. 
-- Kinefinity  - Chinese made camera capable of shooting 6k. Retails for $10K. 
-- Stan Winston School - Legendary special effects school
-- Mad Max: Fury Road - Feature Film (Miller, 2015) 
-- Autodesk Maya - 3D animation software


Matt Workman