February 3, 2019 Episode 229 - Alex Ferrari (Shooting for the Mob)

Alex Ferrari is the founder of Indie Film Hustle blog, and the ultra popular podcast of the same name. Alex's feature film debut was the award winning This is Meg. The film stars comic actress Jill-Michele Meleán (Reno 911, MadTV), along with Krista Allen, Joseph Reitman, Debra Wilson, Carlos Alazraqui, & Jenica Bergere. Alex wore many hats on this indie film including directing, producing, cinematographer, cameraman, editor, and colorist. The film is currently playing on Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon. Alex's follow up project was the feature film, 'On the Corner of Ego and Desire,' a satirical look at the indie film world, shot entirely at the Sundance Film Festival. 

Alex's new book, Shooting for the Mob, will be released on February 22, 2019


Show Notes

-- [00:04:50.44] - Episode Starts
-- [00:08:48.25] - Alex's daily routine
-- [00:19:14.00] - Controlling emails
-- [00:25:02.28] - Audiobooks and podcasts
-- [00:27:43.06] - IFH TV
-- [00:32:53.57] - Birdbox challenge

'Bird Box Challenge' crash: Teen was driving with eyes covered, police say

-- [00:33:58.41] - Motivational Speeches

Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 - The speech that broke the internet - Most Inspiring ever

Eric Thomas - Change the Way You See Yourself


[00:34:41.83] - Grant Cardone's 10x
[00:38:17.42] - Overnight Successes
[00:49:18.24] - Shooting for the Mob - A bipolar gangster, a naive young film director, and Batman--what could go wrong? Alex Ferrari is a first-time film director who just got hired to direct a $20 million feature film. The only problem is that the film is about Jimmy, an egomaniacal gangster who wants the film to be about his life in the mob. From the backwater towns of Louisiana to the Hollywood Hills, Alex is taken on a crazy misadventure through the world of the mafia and Hollywood. Huge movie stars, billion-dollar producers, studio heads, and, of course, a few gangsters populate this unbelievable journey down the rabbit hole of chasing one's dream. Would you sell your soul to the devil to make your dream come true? By the way, did I mention that this story is based on true events? No, seriously it is.
[01:03:42.39] - Fate and Karma
[01:05:27.70] - How Alex Checked His Ego
[01:13:12.35] - Alex wants to give you $30,000 to make a Web Series
[01:16:19.61] - Closing Thoughts



Alex Ferrari

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— Pre-Order: Shooting for the Mob (available 2/22/19)
-- Alex Wants to Give You $30,000 to Make a Web Series

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