October 22, 2018 Episode 226 - Madman Pondo (Memoirs of a Madman)

Madman Pondo aka Kevin Canady, is an American professional wrestler, TV personality, and author.  Best known for his hardcore wrestling style, Canady has wrestled for various wrestling promotions, including Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South, Combat Zone Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, and Juggalo Championship Wrestling. 

He's book, Memoirs of A Madman, beyond 'just a pro wrestling' book which covers his entire 30 year career is out now.

In this episode we'll chat starting out, the price to follow your dreams, driving Friday the 13th a horror inspired car in a demolition derby, starting his own X rated public access show that ignites a war between two TV evangelists, becoming an agent for the Jerry Springer show, and TONS more! 

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Show Notes

[00:02:34] - Show Begins

[00:04:24] - Pondo Growing Up

[00:09:12] - What are some good pro wrestling schools? 

[00:14:17] - Following Your Dreams

[00:18:53] - Feeling of Accomplishing A Dream

[00:19:56] - Demolition Derby

[00:22:53] - Starting Skull Talk - a X rated public access show where Pondo would introduce wrestling clips 

[00:36:15] - BadNumbers - is a free reverse telephone database of phone numbers reported to be from telemarketers, scammers, and bill collectors. To date over 968,639 complaints have been reported.

[00:37:29] - Jerry Springer Show - is an American syndicated tabloid talk show hosted by Jerry Springer.

[00:42:22] - The Brawl For All - was a shootfighting tournament held in the World Wrestling Federation that lasted from June 29, 1998 to August 24, 1998. The creation of then-WWF writer Vince Russo, Brawl for All resulted in a number of legit injuries for WWF performers and was received negatively by some industry figures. The winner, Bart Gunn, later fought pro boxer/toughman contest winner, Butterbean. Gunn was knocked out 35 seconds into the bout and was fired by the WWF afterward.

-- Butterbean - is an American former professional boxer, kickboxer, mixed martial artist, and professional wrestler who competed in the heavyweight division. He is also a television personality, having appeared in several programs and been referenced by many others. Esch transitioned to professional boxing in 1994 following a successful stint on the Toughman Contest scene and went on to capture the World Athletic Association (WAA) heavyweight and IBA super heavyweight championships. Beginning in 2003, he began fighting regularly as a kickboxer and mixed martial artist, most notably in K-1 and the Pride Fighting Championships. Butterbean's combined fight record stands at 97–24–5 with 66 knockouts and 10 submissions.

-- [00:45:50] - Memoirs of a Madman - “He’s just a bleeder,” they said. “He can’t wrestle. All he can do is bleed!” Mad Man Pondo never argued when people called him “just a bleeder.” He knows who he is, and he’s embraced it. He knows that his high tolerance for pain, his fearless nature, and his talent for bleeding are the reason he’s wrestled all around the world, starred in three video games, appeared in a horror film with one of his great heroes, befriended celebrities from the A-list to the D-list, and become a legend to deathmatch wrestling fans everywhere. Now, Mad Man Pondo is telling his story his way. He takes you from his early days as a wrestling fan in Flora, Illinois who accidentally got his butt kicked by Jos LeDuc to his glory days as a headliner for Big Japan. You’ll read about in-ring encounters with Junkyard Dog, Terry Funk, and Kevin Sullivan; real life run-ins with David Blaine and Benny Hinn; and unexpected confrontations outside the ring with crazed fans and the Yakuza. You’ll learn how his small cable access show Skull Talk led him to become a casting agent for Jerry Springer and how a deathmatch legend gets to rub shoulders with the likes of MC Hammer, Jonny Fairplay, Mick Foley, Eli Roth, and Robert Englund. Pondo shares stories about his most legendary deathmatch encounters and the inspirational story behind his all-women’s promotion, Girl Fight. And you’ll read his unforgettable speech from the Juggalo March on Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial where Forrest Gump once cried out, “Jenny!!!” With a foreword by Vanilla Ice (yes, THE Vanilla Ice!), dozens of must-see photos, and countless stories from friends, fans, and fellow grapplers, Memoirs of a Mad Man is an all-out extreme autobiography as graphic and over the top as a Four Corners of Pain Deathmatch.

-- [00:50:11] - What's Pondo's Favorite story from the book?

-- [00:52:12] - Parting Thoughts

-- Girl Fight Wrestling



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