September 2, 2018 Episode 223 - Scott Myers (Zero Draft Thirty)

Scott Myers has written 30 projects for every major Hollywood studio and broadcast network. His film writing credits include K-9 starring Jim Belushi, Alaska starring Vincent Kartheisher, and Trojan War starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. From 2002–2010, Scott was an executive producer at Trailblazer Studios, a television production company. In 2002, he began teaching screenwriting in his spare time. He won the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program Outstanding Instructor Award in 2005 and for eight years taught in the Writing for Screen and Stage program at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Currently Scott is an Assistant Professor at the DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts. He is co-founder of Screenwriting Master Class, a unique online resource for writers. Scott is a member of the Writers’ Guild of America West, and a graduate of the University of Virginia and Yale University Divinity School. He has hosted Go Into The Story since its launch May 16, 2008 and is partnered with the Black List as its official screenwriting blog.

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Show Notes

-- [00:02:09] - Scott's current role

--  [00:11:05] - Spec script market

  • Crazy Rich Asians

-- [00:15:55] - Advice to students

-- [00:20:21] - How story structure changed?

-- [00:23:26] - Character equals plot

-- [00:24:59] - Plot Points

-- [00:25:33] - A Quiet Place

-- [00:28:54] - Screenwriting Templates - Are they still relevant? 

-- [00:30:13] - Brainstorming Exercises

-- [00:36:15] - Protagonist and Nemesis

-- [00:40:22] - London Screenwriting Festival

-- [00:41:52] - Zero Draft Thirty 

There are two Zero Draft Thirty Challenges per year - usually March & September which means 30 days of continual writing. 1 script. Movie script. TV script. First draft. Rewrite. Whatever. On the first Friday of every month, beginning at Midnight Eastern (U.S.) Friday and continuing through Midnight Saturday, 24 ZD30 volunteer group members host an hour, this is our 24 Hour Writing Scamper-A-Thon.

-- Zero Draft Thirty calendar

-- [00:50:18] - Parting Thoughts


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