March 25, 2018 Episode 210 - David Ash (Living Two Lives in the Twin Cities)

David Ash lives a double life. The 48-year-old treasury director for Ecolab moonlights as a filmmaker. His latest film, Twin Citites, a film about a troubled marriage, a very pregnant wife struggling with writer’s block and a book that’s due, a depressed husband haunted by something in his past who quits his job and then is diagnosed with terminal cancer, premiered in Oct, 2017.


In this episode David & I chat about making a film while working a day job (which is a common theme on this show), what happens when someone at work brings it up, distributing films in ever crowded market place, and tons more.


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Congrats to Michael Snyder for winning our latest contest! Mike won a copy of TV Writing on Demand by Neil Landau!

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-- Want to help me make a short trailer project?

The weather is finally getting nice in Philly, and I'm finally going to make something again.

I'm aiming for a July 2018 shoot date for a fun, fake trailer project here in the Philly area. I'll be looking for actors, a location manager, and a few other key crew roles.

If you're interested in helping shoot me an email, and put Fake Trailer Project in the subject line.

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This is a video I edited together from various Tarantino writing advice I’ve heard over the years. Please let me know what you think of it.



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Show Notes

-- ‘If you like Adam Sandler movies, stay away,’ St. Paul filmmaker says about his latest - An interview with David Ash with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press


Twin Cities

TWIN CITIES - Trailer from Dave Ash on Vimeo.

2021 - The Film

2021 from Dave Ash on Vimeo.




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