March 11, 2018 Episode 208 - Giles Alderson (The Filmmakers Podcast & #MakeYourFilmIn2018)

Giles Alderson is a British filmmaker, and host of, The Filmmakers Podcast. Giles recently directed the psychological horror feature film 'The Dare' which he co-wrote with Jonny Grant for Millennium Films at Nu Boyana Studios and stars Richard Brake (Batman, 31), Alexandra Evans (Redistributors), Bart Edwards (Fantastic Beasts), Richard Short (Vinyl, Public Enemies), Robert Maaser (M.I 5 Rogue Nation). The film is scheduled for a June 7th, 2018 release. 

Pre Show Notes

— Why almost no one is making a living on YouTube - " One of the main attractions of YouTube is that anyone can become a star: There are no gatekeepers, no talent agents and no television executives who need to be won over. Stars can come from anywhere — and they do. Forbes’s recent list of the richest YouTubers is proof: It’s filled with people who post clips about playing video games or kids playing with toys. The top spot went to Daniel Middleton, known as DanTDM. He’s a 26-year-old British gamer — and he earned $16.5 million last year. But a new study finds that the odds of striking it rich on YouTube — or even making a modest living — are small."

— Quentin Tarantino Writing Masterclass (A collection of advice). This is a video I edited together from various Tarantino writing advice I’ve heard over the years. Please let me know what you think of it.

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Show Notes

-- - Episode 31 of the Filmmakers Podcast - LANDSCAPE OF LIES – THE INSIDE STORY OF HOW A BLOCKBUSTER TAX SCAM WOULDN’T STOP FILMMAKER PAUL KNIGHT – PT 1 - A in-depth look into A Landscape of Lies feature film which was the subject of a £19.6M tax fraud that has risen from the flames to be released 7 years later...Unbeknownst to Director Paul Knight, who has proved his innocence in court, of the scam that would send the producers to jail for 20 years while he was trying to make his low budget feature has now re cut the film and prepared it for release.

-- The Filmmakers Podcast - A British film making podcast covering everything from studio films to micro budget films and everything in between.

-- Clerks - is a 1994 American independent black-and-white comedy film written, directed, and co-produced by Kevin Smith. Starring Brian O'Halloran as Dante Hicksand Jeff Anderson as Randal Graves, it presents a day in the lives of two store clerks and their acquaintances. Clerks is the first of Smith's View Askewniversefilms, and introduces several recurring characters, notably Jay and Silent Bob, the latter played by Smith himself. The structure of the movie contains nine scene breaks, signifying the nine rings of hell as in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, from which the main character, Dante, gets his name.

Clerks was shot for $27,575 in the convenience and video stores where director Kevin Smith worked in real life. Upon its theatrical release, the film grossed over $3 million in theaters, launching Smith's career.

-- Lionsgate - is an American, Canadian-domiciled, entertainment company. The company was formed on July 10, 1997, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is currently headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

-- Seinfeld - Kramer and Java World Settlement

-- The Brave - A down-on-his-luck American Indian recently released from jail is offered the chance to "star" as the victim of a snuff film, the resulting pay of which could greatly help his poverty stricken family.

-- Hikers Find Body of Man Suspected in Death of Wife, Girl – The story about Aziz Ghazal, the head of USC's film & tv equipment department who wrote the Brave, and later was fired, and killed his family then himself. 

-- Adrian Brody - is an American actor and producer. He received widespread recognition and acclaim after starring in Roman Polanski's The Pianist (2002), for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor at age 29, making him the youngest actor to win in that category. Brody is also the only male American actor to receive the César Award for Best Actor.

-- The Dare - A rare family night for Jay takes a brutal twist when he awakens in a basement with three other prisoners. As their vengeful captor runs riot, Jay engages in a twisted battle to solve the puzzle to his past and save his family's future. The Dare will be released June 7th, 2018 in the UK. 


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