October 29, 2016 Episode 133 - Evan Kidd

Evan Kidd is a filmmaker, writer, drummer, and founder of RockSet Productions. His latest film, Son of Clowns, will be released Nov 15th, 2016 on VOD. 

Pre Show
-- David Pumkpins - SNL Skit with Tom Hanks
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-- FilmmakingStuff - Jason Brubaker's site 

Show Notes
-- MumbleCore - a subgenre of independent film[1][2] characterized by naturalistic acting and dialogue (often improvised), low-budget film production, an emphasis on dialogue over plot, and a focus on the personal relationships of people in their 20s and 30s.
-- Rebel Without A Crew - Robert Rodriguez's book on Independent filmmaking


Evan Kidd

Dave Bullis