October 8, 2016 Episode 130 - Greg Travis

Greg Travis is an Actor, Producer, and Director. Greg has worked with some of the best directors in history such as David Lynch, Paul Verhoeven, and Milos Forman. 
Greg's latest film he directed, Dark Seductions, is out on Oct 11th, 2016 on VOD. Dark Seduction was shot in 1984 and is finally now being released. 

Pre Show Notes

-- New York Cinema Festival - DBCast25
-- Follow me on Instagram! - I'm posting photos into the #BruceInAction contest. 
-- Todd Mathews Twitter - Is he the only listener to have listened to every single episode? 
-- Dark Seduction - Out Oct 11th on VOD and MOD

Show Notes

-- Mid-Life - Greg's 3rd movie he directed


Greg Travis